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Land and Buildings Transaction Tax

On the transfer of property in Scotland, the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax is:

Consideration (£) Rate (%)
0 - 145,000 0
145,001 - 250,000 2
250,001 - 325,000 5
325,001 - 750,000 10
Over 750,000 12

Consideration (£) Rate (%)
0 - 150,000 0
150,001 - 350,000 3
Over 350,000 4.5

The rates apply to the portion of the total value which falls within each band. Additional LBTT of 3% may apply to the purchase of additional residential properties.

The Scottish government is planning to introduce a new relief for first-time buyers for purchases of up to £175,000, subject to consultation. Where a property costs more than this amount, first-time buyers will benefit from relief on the portion of the price below the threshold.

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